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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Morag Matte Painting

This is one of the matte paintings I’ve worked on during Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy production. More stuff coming in the next weeks.

Morag Planet, temple and destroyed city.

The Hobbit, old sketch

Not sure about which moment I intended to portray, guess it’s an illustration inspired by what I remember of The Hobbit book, probably one of the last moments before Smaug is killed.

Anyway, going to see the second instalment tonight. Hope is good, this time. ;)

The hobbit, old sketch

Romeo and Juliet #1

I get back to update my website after almost one year. This matte painting is the first of a series I will start to post in the next days. The movie I did it for is Romeo and Juliet. I started from the plate you can see below and it’s been later comped as a time-lapse.

Luca Bonatti - Matte Painting for Romeo and JulietFinal Matte Painting

monasteroA_plate_lowRes Plate

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 22.50.05 Comp

Concept art for “GI-Joe – The Rise of Cobra” (2009)

Worked on this picture during the first phase of production for the movie at MPC. Even if I was matte painter on the project, I also had to sketch out the underwater explosion of the base at the end of the movie. The concept served as a reference for vfx work.
Entirely done in photoshop in an afternoon or little more, enjoy :)

> Roads of time

The client I worked for, SD Cinematografica, has uploaded the trailer for an upcoming documentary about roman roads.
I worked on the cg maps and most of the graphic elements.

Two things:

1 – Youtube compression destroys half of the work done.

2- Some nice bits were cut out in the editing room.

Click on the picture to head over the YOUTUBE video.

> late winter mood

> Atreiu

Having fun with my new Cintiq 21UX, inspired by “The Neverending Story” book like the one I did a few days ago (here).

> GRAOGRAMAN, the many coloured death

This is a quick sketch, it is a small part of a much bigger painting which hopefully I will finish (not soon tho). The lion is taken from the book “The Neverending Story”, those who have read it would maybe remember its name is Graograman, the multi-colored death.

I really hope this one to be the first of a series of illustrations about Ende’s book.



> Luca Bonatti – SD Cinematografica animated logo

CG animation of a pre-existing company logo to be used as an intro for video products.

Author: Luca Bonatti
Client: SD Cinematografica

Music comes from “Tron Legacy” soundtrack by Daft Punk and it is not the one used for the final work.


UPDATE: here the one with the final music:

> stazione termini

Did this one night coming back home after a night out in the streets around termini station in rome.

> Book cover

I’ve been working on egyptian themed illustration for a while, this is the reason why I’m publishing a lot of artworks about this subject.
I must say I quite enjoyed it (and I will, since the project is not finished). The following is a cover for the same children book which Cleopatra’s illustration belongs to.

> The Baron Gautsch project – video



This animation belongs to a project I’ve been working on in 2010. It’s an unreleased documentary about the Baron Gautsch sinking.

In this shot we just have a flyover of the ship, tho.  I took care of the whole process, from the modeling (Maya) to the final comp (Nuke).



> children’s book illustration #1 – cleopatra

This is an illustration I painted last year for  an egyptian themed children’s book. The fate of the book is uncertain as of today… hoping it will be released one day, I’ll post some of the artworks. This is the first one, it is about Cleopatra.

You will probably notice some weird things happening in the background (crocodiles and such). It is supposed to be like that: the idea behind the book is to solve a riddle by finding the hidden clues in the pictures.


> outskirts at night


> sunday morning sketch #2


Quick sketch done with ArtRage. Would like to go on with this one and make a less fuzzy version… maybe in the next days…



> ipad sketch #2


Thinking about buying a small cyntiq, painting right on the screen is fun!

> Sunday morning… or sketching with the ipad


Done using Brushes app and a capacitive stylus.

> back to 3d


Old model resurrected. new textures, new shaders… playing out with render settings for an upcoming project….

> Christmas sketch


A couple hours spent on PS to have some fun with a naturalistic environment.
Not so linked up with chistmas… at least not with the northern emisphere one.

> starship something


It was meant to be a sketch so I don’t see why I should go any further. Done with PS waiting for a render in a few hours, maybe I’ll come up with a better version someday but to be honest the Gillette shaving razor design makes me think I should spend my time on something else :D
Click for HD


> Speed paint

>My hope that a blog would force me to paint something every day was a mere illusion… in three months I’ve posted quite nothing. Anyway, they have been three very busy months and you four visitors of my blog will excuse me, I hope.
Today I’ve got something to show, but just rough quick sketches done in a boring weekend (with photoshop). They can be improved in a lot of ways, but they are meant to be quick and I don’t think they deserve more time…

>Concepts for a new work…

>I have to admit that it’s hard to mess with personal stuff when you work a lot on a project that absorbs the same energies that you would like to convey in artworks. It dries your inspiration (and your will to start something new).
Anyway some ideas are popping in my mind now that I would really like to forget that back home the sun shines and tans people. London is not offering much from this point of view…
And here they are. Just color sketches and concepts for a still that in my mind should be interesting on different levels… let’s wait and see if it turns out in something good or if it gets trashed like tons of other sketches done in the past months.

> speedpaint #1


Woke up early yesterday and sketched this one. About 40 minutes, Corel Painter.

> sketches


Two speedpaintngs I’ve done for fun in my spare time here in London. The first is inspired by a medieval city in Italy, the latter by… I don’t know… maybe Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock.